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Robin Chaurasiya's Marginalized Empowerment Talk Envisions Leaders

 - Dec 28, 2013
In her marginalized empowerment talk, Robin Chaurasiya cites her experience campaigning for the repeal of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' as the impetus that launched 'Kranti,' an NGO that works towards empowerment of girls growing up in Mumbai's red light district.

Chaurasiya goes on to recount the devastating experiences of the girls she works with, many who suffered sexual abuse and incestuous rape or were blocked access to education. Several of these women are now incredibly successful, with one providing education on sexual abuse, another who acts as a motivational speaker and trains NGO leaders and yet another who was named one of News Week's "25 under 25."

Chaurisiya uses these examples in order to imagine a world in which we work hard to create, rather than diminish, opportunity. She encourages us to recognize the power and strength marginalized people are equipped with by virtue of their life experience; and instead of punishing them for this life experience, she suggests we embrace the added value and put it toward acquiring leadership skills.