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Steven S. Rogers's Flexible Entrepreneurship Talk on Pivoting

 - Oct 7, 2013
In his flexible entrepreneurship talk, Steven S. Rogers discusses the necessity for women entrepreneurs as well as the power of pivoting in business.

According to the Harvard Business professor, in the United States, more women own companies that employ in totality 50% more employees than all of the Fortune 500 firms combined. The senior lecturer compares entrepreneurship to liberation, making it important not just for women to be entrepreneurs but other members of marginalized groups. Women entrepreneurs in America and around the world automatically do good things for their communities because they create jobs.

The speaker also explains the significance of the pivot, or being able to maintain one's original strategy while being able to change direction with different tactics. He also discusses the theory of sunken cost, which means do not let yesterday's investment affect tomorrow's decisions. The flexible entrepreneurship talk stresses the ability to let go while also being adaptable to circumstances.