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Lisa Witter's Female Stereotype Speech Discusses Her New Book

 - Sep 1, 2013
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Author Lisa Witter's female stereotype speech discusses the motivations behind her new book, which knocks the idea that this is a man's world. Witter isn't pushing for a woman's world, she's merely pushing for a human's world where both sexes are represented appropriately.

Witter discusses working with an organization to create a site for a "women's get out the vote day." Initially, Witter was happy to help, but in the end the site was covered in pink and flowers. Witter saw this as being frivolous and stereotypical.

She then discusses being at a large event, and talking with a potential presidential candidate. When she asked him which issues he believed were most important to her, he responded with the right to choose and families. While those things are important to most women, there are other important issues to consider, like the war in Iraq.

This speech essentially attacks female stereotypes in modern politics.