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Linda Rottenberg's Entrepreneur Speech Gives Unorthadox Tips

 - May 1, 2013
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This entrepreneur speech by Linda Rottenberg offers five easy to follow but highly unconventional words of wisdom. The CEO of Endeavor states that she used these methods to reach her success, which is a great case study of how well they can work.

She begins her entrepreneur speech by saying that crazy is a compliment, because if it's not crazy than you might not be thinking big enough. Her next offering is to not undervalue stalking. She says that she used to follow people into washrooms and in elevators just to be able to pitch her ideas. Thirdly, she says to dream big, but break those dreams into manageable pieces. By this she means as an entrepreneur you need little victories to keep you motivated. Her forth piece of advice is to go big and go home, so that you make sure to get a healthy balance of work life and relaxation. And the last tip is to just do it!