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An Entrepreneurial Breakdown Keynote by Phil Libin

 - Feb 12, 2013
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Phil Libin -- the founder and CEO of Evernote -- delivers an entrepreneurial breakdown keynote that offers his advice for those looking to start their own company. He states that his usual piece of advice is for people to not start their own company because he believes the majority of people are doing it for the wrong reasons.

For those wanting to start one for the money, he argues they would be better off getting a regular paying job. For those looking to have more power, he reminds them that CEOs are accountable to their employees in start-ups and for those looking for more flexibility and time to spend with family, he states that start-ups require a flexible schedule that often demands overtime and odd hours.

He argues that the sole reason to start a company is if you want to change the world and have an idea that will make the world a better place.