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Carrie Schwab’s Female Leaders Talk on Teamwork

 - Aug 17, 2013
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Carrie Schwab talks about sexism in the workplace in this female leader talk. Schwab says that she hasn't experience any sexism directly at her company because she works with lots of women. However, she acknowledges that there are companies who have sexist attitudes towards women, and encourages people not to work for those corporations.

Schwab says that fulfillment at work is important and it’s also key to feel like one is making a difference. Since becoming vice president of a non-profit organization, Schwab has employed more women and feels good about it.

Schwab also discusses the importance of team work in any company, regardless of gender or role in the workplace. Schwab urges ambitious women to work hard because there is little that they can’t accomplish. She believes women have a lot to offer in the workplace.