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This Zainab Salbi Keynote Talks Women's Involvement in War

 - Apr 9, 2013
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In a seriously thought-provoking keynote speech Zainab Salbi focuses on the importance of understanding war and peace and the pressing issue of how women need to keep life going during war.

Understanding war and peace from the perspective of the women living through it is crucial. Progress starts with women and Zainab Salbithe talks about the importance of hearing the voices of women on these matters.

Women are victimized in many ways in war. 90% of modern war casualties are civilians and 75% of which are women and children. 80% of the worldwide refugees are women. Women are the only people who recognize the need for this discussion of how to keep life going during times of war.

Zainab Salbi is the president of Women for Women International, which focuses on giving a voice to the unheard voices of women and their resilience and efforts to survive.