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Sylvia Hewlett's Creative Culture Keynote Talks the Need for Diversity

 - May 4, 2013
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This creative culture keynote by Sylvia Hewlett raises the need for diversity in the workplace. She says that although it is hard to add urgency to this concept, it is still very important nonetheless.

Her explanation is broken down into three reasons. Her first is based behind the demographic shift that has taken place worldwide. It is currently known that 17 percent of those worldwide with a bachelor degree are white males. This would indicate that it is impossible to only rely on white males anymore. Secondly, she brings up studies which prove work teams perform better when they are diverse. She uses the example of a team of white males that grew up in the same city and how their ideas would be similar. The last reason in her creative culture keynote is that the consumer has even changed. A majority of customers are women now, so businesses need to cater to that.