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Manal al-Sharif's Women's Rights Speech Deals with Oppressive Societies

 - Jun 24, 2013
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Saudi Arabian activist Manal al-Sharif's women's rights speech deals with restrictive governments and oppressive societies. Sharif uses her personal battles with inequality in Saudi Arabia to express her views on women's rights and the importance of freedom for all citizens.

Though it isn't against the law for women to drive is Saudi Arabia, it is still forbidden. Outraged by this, Manal al-Sharif began driving, hoping to encourage other women to do the same. While she had broken no laws, Sharif was detained more than once and arrested for her actions. Sharif began posting videos on YouTube while she drove, hoping to inspire other women while drawing attention to the inequality she was forced to face.

While Sharif has received many death threats and other forms of hate mail, she hasn't stopped publicly opposing the oppressive rules of her society.