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Brian Elliot's Gay Rights Speech Shares Concerns On Equal Citizenship Rights

 - Nov 21, 2012
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FriendFactor founder Brian Elliot's gay rights speech expresses concerns on the issue of equality as a citizen and what people can do to accelerate the process for the LGBT community.

Elliot begins his inspiring gay rights speech by educating the crowd on what rights he as a homosexual individual does not have in his country. While he can be legally fired in 29 States, evicted in over 30 and does not have access to over 1,100 federal rights such as certain social security benefits and hospital visitation rights all simply because of his sexual orientation, Elliot is not disheartened and creates a social networking platform to unite the LGBT community.

The website encourages friends to join and support someone they care about in their life who is gay. The social media platform, which also serves as a blog and diary for the users, allows straight friends to pledge for their struggling friend with a simple function, similar to Facebook's "Like" button. Elliot's community harnesses the power of friendship, also known as the friend factor, in hopes to accelerate the process in achieving true equality so everyone, regardless of who they choose to love, can be considered a true American citizen.