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Joel Burns’ Anti-Gay Bullying Speech Restores the Will to Live

 - Oct 19, 2012
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Joel Burns expresses his deep concern for the increasing numbers for teen suicides in his anti-gay bullying speech.

Teen bullying and suicide, the American city councilman of Fort Worth, Texas begins, has increased at such a rate that it has reached an epidemic, especially among homosexual youths. He dedicates his emotional speech to all the teens who have ended their own lives due to continuous harassment and disparaging homophobic comments, encouraging individuals to stay alive to see societies’ views change because, he reassures, they will change.

In this heart-wrenching dedication, Burns stresses the fact that schools must do more to stop bullying and harassment. It should be "a safe place to learn and to grow" and that it is "never acceptable to be the cause of any child to feel unloved or worthless." This ant-gay bullying speech is something all children, teenagers and adults should take the time to listen to.