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Angela Ahrendts' Brand Connection Presentation Pushes Consistency

 - Nov 3, 2012
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CEO of Burberry Angela Ahrendts delivers an engaging brand connection presentation, elaborating on her belief that all brands need to make the transition to digital. She insists that brands can maintain their traditional essence and not "sell out" when creating a digital consumer experience. She states, "the faster we [Burberry] move forward, the more important it is to look back and remember who we are and where came from." The transition to digital and social media platforms doesn't after to alter a brand.

Today, Burberry customers can access Burberry on any device and expect the same experience and the same "brand feeling" they've come to know and love. Ahrendts sees social media as borderless and as a new universal language that is creating a new, universal culture. Her brand connection presentation reminds the audience that so long as a brand exudes consistency, it can take on new spaces and methods.