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David Rothkopf Discusses the Rivalry Between Business and Government

 - Apr 11, 2012
References: rothkopf.foreignpolicy & youtu.be
David Rothkopf was formerly the Acting U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade under the Clinton administration and is currently President and CEO of Garten Rothkopf, an international advisory firm. In this intriguing talk, David Rothkopf states America is currently leading the world in inequality and is coming out of a decade where for the first time in US history, the results are "horrifying."

Touching on themes championed by the Occupy Wall Street movement, Rothkopf calls it a complete breakdown of society as it was envisioned as an opportunity economy. Instead he says, America needs to create institutions to counterbalance to ensure the companies and the rich pay their share, and to move past the notion that the goal of a society is merely wealth creation.