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Melinda Gates Gives an Empowering Keynote for Females Worldwide

 - Jul 18, 2012
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Melinda Gates is known for her charity work and the profound change she has implemented worldwide through the charity she shares with her husband, Bill Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and this empowering keynote hopes to inspire women. At the 2011 CARE Conference, Melinda shared her personal experiences with women in Africa and the need to continue the pursuit for empowering women and giving them worldwide rights.

Health and rights for women and children are key to creating success around the world. Studies have shown time and time again that by empowering women and young girls, change in society is possible -- especially in areas where women do not have the same access or respect as men or boys. Melinda's positive attitude towards moving forward and the work she has put in to moving change along has put her top of the pack in women's rights advocates.