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This Tony Porter Speech Dissects the Modern Definition of a Man

 - May 15, 2012
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Explored in this Tony Porter Speech is the modern perception of what defines a man and what defines a woman. A man who has committed his career and life to ending all forms of violence against women, Porter begins his speech by sharing moments from his childhood that taught him that men are in charge, meaning women are not. Men are to exhibit no emotion except anger, and are to conduct themselves in a way that shows control, domination and courage.

Porter refers to this form of socialization of men as the 'man box.' While there are many wonderful things about being a man, Porter knows that there are some other aspects that are "straight up twisted."

He hopes to live to see a future in which the way we define manhood is entirely transformed. As a parent, he knows he has perpetuated the notion of male superiority and he knows he is wrong.

This speech from Tony Parker, complete with personal anecdotes and honest confessions, offers an endearing discussion on a very important and relevant topic for all of modern society.