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Megan Kamerick's Media Keynote Speech Discusses the Need for Female Presence

 - Jun 19, 2012
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Megan Kamerick's media keynote speech provides a thorough explanation of the state of women and their involvement in the media today. As an idealist who loves unearthing untold stories, she discloses how shocked she is over the fact that in 2011, women are still incredibly underrepresented in the media.

Providing the audience with a variety of startling statistics including the fact that only 24 percent of the subjects quoted in news stories are women and only 19 percent are the source of information in stories about politics, she demonstrates why this undeniable misrepresentation results in a broken system of media. Without women being equally represented and heard, no one is receiving the full story.

According to Kamerick, the reason for which women are so underrepresented is rooted in the fact that women tend to challenge stereotypes in the media much more than men do.

For women's voices to be heard and to offer citizens well-rounded and balanced media coverage, this media keynote speech argues that women need to be occupying more leadership roles.