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Pamela Taylor Shares the Importance of Safety & Security For Females

 - Feb 11, 2012
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Pamela Taylor is the President and Co-founder of Dress for Success, driving a hopeful campaign for lost and underprivileged women. Dress for Success solves the issue many disadvantaged women face when trying to gain employment -- being able to afford a nice suit to land a job. Taylor shares her motivation and personal mission to help abused women find their voice and change their economic horizons.

Sharing her personal story, Taylor reveals that her husband attempted to murder her five times. Victims are often financially reliant on abusers and paralyzed by fear. Dress for Success aims to empower disadvantaged women and enable independence and entry into the workforce.

Taylor describes the effects of the company saying it "promotes economic security and self-sufficiency to break the chains of generational poverty through job prep, employment retention and career development programs."