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Leymah Gbowee Discusses Her Work as a Liberian Peace Activist

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: leymahgbowee & youtu.be
Liberian peace activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee relates two moving and powerful stories from her life and work and of the untapped potential of girls all over the world. Leymah Gbowee is credited with leading a women's peace movement that brought the Second Liberian Civil War to an end in 2003. Relating it to the horrors of rape and child prostitution that is a reality for many young girls in Liberia, Leyman Gbowee discusses her passion for helping young girls, whether they be from Africa or America or Japan, fulfill their dreams of an education.

Leymah Gbowee's inspiring work in Liberia and worldwide is highlighted in this captivating and highly moving talk that serves as a reminder that there is a phenomenal amount of untapped potential in girls around the world.