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Michelle Obama Delivers the Commencement Speech at Spelman College

 - Feb 29, 2012
References: whitehouse.gov & youtu.be
First Lady Michelle Obama delivers an inspirational and moving speech to the graduating class of 2011 at Spelman Liberal Arts College, the oldest historically black college for women in America. Spelman College was founded by the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary in 1881 and was the first historically black female institution of higher education to receive its collegiate charter in 1924.

First Lady Michelle Obama passionately retells the story of Spelman College, which she says the class has "inherited," and her own journey that took her to Princeton and Harvard Law school. Michelle Obama talks about the spirit of perseverance at Spelman, and the obligation in life to face each and every obstacle with confidence and hope. This inspiring speech is an uplifting view of education and female empowerment.