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Eve Ensler Encourages Individuals to Embrace Their Inner Girl

 - Feb 8, 2012
References: vday.org & youtu.be
Vagina Monologues creator Eve Ensler encourages individuals to embrace their inner girl. In this passionate and compelling conversation, Ensler declares that everyone is born with a girl cell inside of them.

Ensler describes how males are brought up to be tough and hardened, distancing themselves from their vulnerability and hearts. We have taught men to be secure when they are insecure, pretending that they know things they do not. Eve Ensler reveals the shocking reality of the perception of the female in society, illustrating how women are silenced, enslaved, and objectified, often sold as commodities.

With heartfelt, inspiring and powerful stories of women from around the world, the speaker illustrates how overcoming adversity, torture and violence reveals the strength of girls everywhere. Ensler encourages individuals to empower themselves by opening up their girl cell, seeking pride for the woman in us all.