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Gayle Lemmon Discusses Successful Small Business Ventures in Afghanistan

 - Jan 9, 2012
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Gayle Lemmon is an author who researches and reports on entrepreneurial women in the developing world. During her speech, she shares a variety of inspiring stories showcasing the ways in which women in underdeveloped and war-torn countries such as Afghanistan are creating their own small business ventures to provide for their families. Gayle Lemmon recounts the uplifting and empowering stories of mothers and widows who own dress-making businesses, wineries and who have even started wineries.

During her speech, she adamantly expresses why society's negative and hopeless narrative of women in developed countries must change. Focusing on Afghanistan, Gayle Lemmon shares stories of triumph, bravery and success. She encourages her audience to adopt a new perspective on women in entrepreneurial endeavors and to give them the respect they deserve. Without this respect, she argues, nothing will change for these women.