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Cindy Gallop Explains the Effect Adult Films are Having on Young Men

 - Dec 26, 2011
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Cindy Gallop discusses the ramifications of pornography and how it is affecting the way young men think about sex due to its prevalence in today’s society in this stimulating keynote on sexuality. She explains that in a culture where people have reserved attitudes toward, or are embarrassed by sex education, that pornography then becomes a sort of replacement educational tool for a younger generation looking to learn more about the act. The problem is that pornography propagates negative ideas for how to engage in intercourse and often teaches men to have a demeaning attitude toward women. In this enlightening presentation by Cindy Gallop, she reveals why it is important to remove the stigma around talking about sex and sex education, and gives her audience a tool for learning more about the issue with the launch of her website,, that provides information which takes the myths of pornography and compares them to real situations.