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Leslie Dodson Discusses Why Today's Portrayal of Africa is Distorted

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: lesliedodson & youtube
Leslie Dodson, who has worked as a reporter for CNN, Reuters and NBC covering politics and economics in the developing world, discusses why present-day portrayals of Africa are distorted and reductive. During her speech, she explains how reporters, journalists and even activists are driven to cover content that represents tragedy, disease and warfare because these are the stories that appeal to large audiences. Leslie Dodson argues that today's portrayal of Africa is ineffective because it covers exceedingly similar stories as those covered by reporters and journalists ten years ago. She argues that today's narratives perpetuate gender stereotypes in Africa, constantly portraying women as victims and men as the perpetrators. As a result, this leaves little space for covering stories of hope and the positive changes that have taken place. Leslie Dodson provides an insightful and thoughtful speech that encourages the world to look at Africa through a new lens.