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Charles Fishman Explains How One Powerful Company is Taking Over Retail Brands

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: walmarteffectbook & youtube
Chris Fishman is an investigative journalist and author of the award-winning book 'The Wal-Mart Effect.' Fishman devotes his time and efforts to investigating and researching some of the world's biggest corporations in the retail industry and the government. This speech focuses specifically on the ways in which Wal-Mart has transformed the retail industry. As explained in his speech, Wal-Mart holds a very instrumental position in influencing the companies with which it does business and the consumers it attracts. Fishman attributes the Wal-Mart effect to altering consumer perceptions and expectations. Fisherman explains how Wal-Mart has an extremely strong hold on companies and the ways they produce products, resulting in businesses lowering their standards. Fishman's speech on the Wal-Mart effect is an insightful and thought-provoking analysis of the leading position Wal-Mart has taken over in today's retail industry and how this affects businesses, brands and consumers.