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Megan Mukuria Aims to Provide African Girls With Health Education

 - Jan 1, 2012
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Megan Mukaria, founder of ZanaAfrica, discusses the setbacks that cause African girls to miss time from school every year. Her organization provides girls with the access to sanitary pads and connects them to a community of other young women through social media.

Teens everywhere need answers to tough questions. Vulnerable girls in Kenya are getting the help that they need with support and education that change lives. ZanaAfrica works to give girls the freedom and the self-confidence to stay in school. Only one in three African girls are still in school when they reach their teens. Megan Mukaria states that educating girl is the number one thing we can do to change the world.

With sanitary pads as one of the biggest costs for African girls, many stay home because they don't have access to them. Furthermore, these girls are not educated about health and the normal occurrences that women face in puberty.
Mukaria's organization is Improving health education and changing community dynamics by transforming shame into open communication.

Innovations in health eduction and the cultivating of an online experience allows African girls to connect with each other and community resources, learning that womanhood should be embraced and not feared.