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Richard Heinzl Enocurages Today's Youth to Travel Abroad to Make a Difference

 - Dec 29, 2011
References: msf & thelavinagency
Richard Heinzl, the man behind one of the world's most influential humanitarian organizations, Doctors Without Borders, discusses the importance of following through with one's dreams and aspirations to volunteer in the developing word. Richard Heinzl identifies the invisible forces that often prevent young individuals from pursuing these dreams of traveling abroad, which include financial restraints, parents, family responsibilities and other social pressures. Richard Heinzl's speech pushes today's youth to follow through with their aspirations and goals to travel abroad and volunteer in a healthcare-related position. Heinzl encourages today's youth to try something new and to embrace failure; he describes discomfort as the source of some of richest and most fulfilling life experiences. By sharing his extraordinary experiences in Cambodia, Richard Heinzl presents an inspiring and motivating case that encourages young people to purse their dreams.