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The Melinda Gates Keynote Evaluates Opinions on Contraception

 - Apr 20, 2012
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The controversial stigma surrounding birth control and family planning is addressed in this thought-provoking Melinda Gates Keynote.

As the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she promotes equality of life and focuses on finding ways to help society become more productive and live healthier lives.

She discusses the reproach associated with contraceptive use and the idea that the use of birth control is widely accepted in private while being highly opposed in the public eye. Due to the often uncomfortable nature of discussing sexual health issues outside of the confines of the home, the speaker argues that there are not enough honest and open conversations being had regarding the positive elements involved with family planning.

Her speech resonates with the thought that the choice of if and when to have a family should be exactly that -- a choice.