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Zena Agha's Islamic Feminism Talk Rejects Preconceptions

 - Dec 4, 2013
Zena Agha discusses how two ideologies that are perceived to be conflicting can co-exist in her Islamic feminism talk. She argues that both feminism and Islam are vague and largely misunderstood concepts, and this misinterpretation has led people astray. In the case of feminism, the stigma associated with the movement has alienated women from their own liberation. In the case of Islam, it is assumed to be too rigid

However, Agha asserts that her mother has allowed both the ideologies to not only exist within her, but also enforce each other to make her a happier and more self-sufficient individual. Rather than pinpoint the insufficiencies or inconsistencies in each, she argues that global agendas, miscommunication and a lack of integration have victimized these ideologies, which have the potential to be conducive to progress, and instead painted them as fearful, radical or ridiculous.