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This Gender Affirming Speech by Eve Ensler Discusses Movements

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: youtube
In Eve Ensler's gender affirming speech, she discusses the cultural context surrounding the female vagina. The Vagina Monologues creator tackles on the issue of having to deal with a vagina on a regular basis and the complexities that surrounds its nature.

Subject matters that surround the female anatomy are normally laced between the intricate lines of appropriateness and crudeness, according to Ensler. Her speech discusses how unappealing the word vagina is and how it's a word that is used to for political correctness.

The epidemic of violence towards women has reached an epidemic status, multiple pockets of every society has it ingrained in their culture. Through her speech, Ensler discusses about discovering happiness and how the Vagina Monologues have transcended into a movement that advocates against violence towards women.