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Joe Schmitt's Servant Leadership Talk Emphasizes Investing in People

 - Dec 3, 2014
In his servant leadership talk, retired marine corps officer Joe Schmitt shares his philosophy on being a great leader. The speaker believes in putting other people first and inspiring them to do things they would not otherwise do unless challenged.

He defines this philosophy by telling a personal anecdote about his son receiving a life-threatening medical diagnosis as a toddler and the way his commander responded. In an extremely touching story, it becomes clear how leadership is about investing in the lives of others and going above and beyond to look after them. The commander's compassion later motivated Schmitt to dedicate his own resources to creating the Wounded Warrior Program.

The servant leadership talk describes the incredible impact a leader can have when they share power and influence with those they lead. This engages and inspires others to lead and results in reciprocation. Leaders should also align their individual passions with organizational goals.