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Fields Wicker-Miurin Tells Leadership Stories in Her Local Leaders Talk

 - Feb 20, 2014
References: new.ted & trainingzone
Fields Wicker Miurin tells the audience of her stories of her time spent with different local leaders around the world in her local leaders talk. She tells the story of how Bingkai of the Ashaninka Tribe in the Amazon Forest became a leader. For Bingkai to become leader, he had to accumulate all the knowledge and all the wisdom of centuries of life in the Amazon needed for the tribe's survival at only ten years of age.

Miurin's local leaders talk discusses Bingkai's need to protect the forest, just as his grandparents and ancestors did in the past. He understood the needs of his forest and of his people by recognizing that their way of life needed nurturing, not the survival of the fittest. By understanding what the Ashaninka Tribe needed, he set out to protect and preserve their way of life.