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Dick Costolo Offers Sound Advice in His Leadership Presentation

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: investing.businessweek & youtube
The CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo gave a leadership presentation where he doled out two major pieces of leadership advice.

The first advice he described as paradoxical, and it's to care deeply about your employees without caring about what they think of you. While the second part of that piece of advice sounds bizarre, Costolo argues that "managing by trying to be liked is the path to ruin." The best way to garner trust with your people is by being honest and clear with them. The second piece of advice he shares is that there are many different ways to be successful. We are constantly bombarded by books and interviews of famous leaders, but we should focus on our path and skill set, instead of trying to completely copy other leaders.

Costolo's leadership presentation offers sound advice that is often not heard in many speeches on leadership.