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Pedro Noguera's Education Talk Breaks Down Leadership

 - Aug 22, 2013
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Professor Pedro Noguera discusses traits of a good educational leader in this education talk. Noguera draws from his personal experience as an educator, using examples from his own career that highlight what it takes to be a good educational leader.

Noguera begins by talking about meeting the principle at a school where he was teaching. He says that the principle had trained their secretary to do all of the clerical, in-office work. This freed up time for the principle, allowing her to hop from classroom to classroom, assisting other teachers and working with students who needed extra help. He points out that she didn't become principle to avoid work. Though she was in charge, she worked closely with all teachers and students, because she cared.

Noguera stresses the importance of social skills, because when it comes to leadership, one needs to be able to communicate.