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Jane Hyun's Flex Leadership Talk Examines the Power Gap

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: youtube
In her flex leadership talk, Jane Huyn discusses the importance of effective communication with people who are different from you.

Flex fosters positive interaction between people who differ on generational, cultural and gendered levels. This is especially important considering how much the workforce has been changing in recent years; it now includes more multicultural representation, female buying influence and millennial participation than ever before. The key take-away from the art of flexing, is that it is a method of learning to adapt your leadership style without attempting to change who you are.

Flexing also allows you to navigate the power gap (a term that defines the "social distance" between you and people with authority over you) with ease. Understanding the nuances of power and how it is distributed in professional relationships is instrumental in becoming a fluent leader.