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Sheryl Sandberg's Female Leadership Speech Inspires Self-Confidence

 - May 24, 2014
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In her female leadership speech, Sheryl Sandberg shares her thoughts on women in the workplace. The Facebook COO motivates her audience at the Take The Lead Challenge to fulfil any ambition they have, especially the females in attendance. The speaker strongly believes women are not making enough progress in taking on leadership roles.

The female leadership speech explores three different things that are holding women back from standing up when asked if they have ever said out loud that they will one day be a CEO, state governor or leader of a major non-profit organization. Sandberg states a systematic bias is in place where leadership is associated with masculinity. She also explores self-confidence, ambition and child rearing.

At the end of her female leadership speech, Sandberg addresses the issue of unequal pay. She notes if American women made as much as men, the poverty rate for children in the United States would be cut in half.