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Simon Sinek's Good Leadership Presentation Promotes Feeling Safe

 - May 20, 2014
In his good leadership presentation, Simon Sinek explores why good leaders make you feel safe. The management theorist posits that in the military, they award metals to people who would sacrifice themselves so others might gain. While in business, bonuses are given to people who are willing to sacrifice others so that we may gain.

When people feel safe, the result is trust and cooperation. While external factors are rarely under our control, we can control what happens internally. When people feel safe inside an organization, they naturally use their talents together to overcome obstacles.

The speaker's good leadership presentation compares leaders to parents, who would not downsize their children. When employees feel their leader is fighting for them, they are likely to do the same. Sinek also notes leadership is a choice, not a rank. Just because someone has the authority does not make them a leader.