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Paul E. Jacobs’s Visionary Leadership Speech Opposes Divisive Attitudes

 - Sep 27, 2013
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In his visionary leadership speech, Paul E. Jacobs articulates the importance of leading with a compass rather than a map. The CEO of Qualcomm believes if a leader establishes a vision for people to follow, companies will be much more successful. This approach is more effective than being divisive and creating an us-versus-them mentality. Running a firm with a vision means not being super strategic. If employees understand the overall goals of their workplace, they will be better at solving problems and overcoming obstacles. The success of many comes from not having to over-think strategy and being ready to move in a timely manner.

Jacobs's visionary leadership touches on his experience in the tech communications industry and how consumers are looking for a digital sixth sense. This feeling is one where people want to be able to detect when they are within proximity of something that will interest them. Having a vision helps companies meet this need.