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Koen Delvaux's Workplace Talk Discusses Liquid Management

 - Jul 10, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his workplace talk, Koen Delvaux explains how to defy gravity with a decentralized leadership model. The speaker defines gravity, not as the natural force that keeps humans from floating, but a dissatisfaction with work caused by working too long at an organization and not knowing how they contribute.

The consumer innovation executive believes there is something wrong with people not liking their jobs, especially when our society revolves around work. The workplace talk discusses decentralization disrupting the workplace and how to have a company where people do productive work. He goes through a few disillusions he has about the workforce, such as startups not being the future. However, employee attitude, business scalability and hierarchy all matter. Delvaux also developed a liquid organization model based on these three factors. This leads to three steps managers can take to defy gravity: truth telling, find soldiers and start a taskforce.