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Kerry Goyette's Speech on Motivation Discusses Factors of Success

 - May 29, 2016
In her speech on motivation, Kerry Goyette shares tips that contribute to successful teams.

The consultant shares myths about motivation, such as it is just about energy and it is a one size fits all. How much success a team has is determined by their ability to elevate productive motivations while also countering toxic behaviors. The speech on motivation states the human brain will never thrive at its full capacity unless people are part of a healthy group, which means if people aren't careful about how they put teams together, projects can be predestined for failure.

Most people are either motivated to seek pleasure or avoid pain, favoring ambition or accountability. While pleasure seekers are able to explore new opportunities, those avoiding pain are set on protecting what they have and can therefore see issues that could jeopardize projects and companies.

Goyette believes employees are already motivated, and explains how companies can unleash it.