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Doug Stephens' Transforming Retail Keynote Examines New Patterns

 - Nov 9, 2012
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This transforming retail keynote by Doug Stephens examines the new era towards which the realm of consumption is headed. When discussing the future of the store, he is referring to any situation where there is a consumer and a brand.

From about 4000 BS until 1994, the concept of the store has fundamentally remained the same. Consumers had to consciously make the decision to engage in a transaction. He identifies three iron clad rules or patterns that have stayed effect since this time. The first is that the distribution of a product created a destination. Second, consumers controlled the aisle and what happened there. Third, retailers fundamentally controlled what happened in the environment of the store and brands controlled what was said about their products.

Stephens' transforming retail keynote hones in on the importance of the consumer taking control of their shopping experience now.