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The Retail Keynote Speech by Doug Stephens Welcomes Change

 - Oct 26, 2012
Retail speaker Dough Stephens discusses consumerism in this retail keynote speech. Stephens believes that the present is one of the most exciting times in history in terms of economic change, demographic change and consumerism. These changes, however, are not always perceived as exciting, beneficial or positive. Humans are conditioned to be skeptical of the new and changing things coming our way. Not only do we try to rationalize change them, but we try to give them context from the past.

Stephens believes that change is not necessarily what people are afraid of -- it is the sheer speed at which change is taking place that is frightening people. His retail keynote speech highlights why people must learn to adapt and embrace new changes. Things are changing so quickly that there will never be a period to catch up.