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Gian Fulgoni Delivers an Insightful Internet Evolution Keynote

 - Jul 12, 2012
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Gian Fulgoni provides a rapid review of the web in this Internet Evolution Keynote. As the executive chairman and co-Founder comScore, Fulgoni has been a market research expert for over 40 years. The Internet is changing at a pace never seen before, and in this speech entitled, 'The Internet Giveth and the Internet Taketh Away,' Fulgoni provides insight into what can be expected for consumers and corporations

Taking from his title, the Internet has the ability to give and also take away for companies, destroying what resists. Yet for the consumer, the Internet has been nothing but positive. An example of this is the ability of the mobile device or smartphone to provide pricing power in the hands of the consumers. These devices allow for users to go into stores and compare prices with what is out there on the Internet. Retailers are competing with the Internet in their own stores.

Seeing this trend, Fulgoni shows that the future is likely to be smaller stores that are not carrying as much products. For companies, this means a pricing advantage is necessary unless they have another compelling selling point.

Fulgoni provides future predictions for retailers is that the Internet stating: there will be a stronger dialogue between brands and consumers, there will be a renaissance in advertising creative to differentiate products, and finally big data is here to stay.