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Several years ago, there weren’t many restrictions on Internet usage, however as time has evolved,...

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The Online World is Discussed in Tim O'Reilly's Internet Trends Keynote

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: radar.oreilly & youtube
Given that many people today have grown up using the World Wide Web and forgotten its origins, this Internet trends keynote by Tim O'Reilly discusses the early days of the online world and how far the technology has come since its inception.

The speaker compares the functionality and freedom that existed online when the Internet was still fresh and new to the way that big companies are now attempting to acquire a profitable stake in the technology and dominate the market completely.

He uses the analogy of "browser wars," to explain the way that companies compete to control certain aspects of the Internet (much like the way that companies struggle to beat out Google) and defer users from venturing onto the sites of their competitors. This practice ultimately alters the web browsing functionality and changes the way that users access information online.