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Lessons from Internet Errors are the Topic in this Renny Gleeson Speech

 - May 16, 2012
References: ted & youtube
The anatomy of a 404 page, more commonly recognized as the default page when the Internet cannot locate a particular site, is the topic of this Renny Gleeson speech.

Gleeson begins his discussion by explaining what actually happens when someone encounters the dreaded '404' page while browsing the Internet. The 404 error is part of a much larger family of Internet-related errors including 'Bad Request,' 'Unauthorized,' 'Forbidden' and 'Method Not Allowed.'

Gleeson frames the 404 error page as an opportunity for brands to customize a 404 page and make a memorable impression. He concludes his brief speech by saying that, "little things, done right, matter" and that "well-designed moments build brands." By sharing the work of various brands who have customized and re-designed a 404 page to complement what their brand is all about, he shows the opportunities that come from mistake.