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Doug Stephens Introduces 'The Third Shelf' in His Consumerism Keynote

 - Oct 30, 2012
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This consumerism keynote by retail expert Doug Stephens introduces the concept of the 'third shelf' in retail. The first shelf is one in a retailer's store, the second shelf is in the consumer's home and includes the experience had with a particular product, but the third shelf can be anything. It can by physical or it can be digital.

The third shelf is what enhances the consumer experience and creates a lasting and memorable impression. IKEA's third shelf is its catalog and mobile catalog from which consumers can browse items and place an order.

For many brands, they have no idea where to start when trying to create a third shelf. Stephens' consumerism keynote advises brands to forget about channels -- web, mobile, print -- and to focus on engagement with the consumer.