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In his speeches, Michael Bergdahl is keen to point out the necessity of maintaining a competitive...

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Michael Bergdahl Tells Why One Must Fight to Succeed

 - Feb 17, 2012
References: michaelbergdahl.net & youtube
In this insightful keynote from author Michael Bergdahl, he uses a metaphor regarding the animal kingdom to show how when it comes to business, the laws of survival of the fittest also come into play.

As an example, he explains Walmart's competitive advantage it has over their retail counterparts, and how their aggressive strategies are what make them so successful. Bergdahl shows that to be successful in today’s business world one must be not only competitive, but be able to change and adapt to their evolving surroundings as well. In this intriguing talk with Michael Bergdahl, he uses research from his book to show why one must fight to succeed and thrive in a Walmart world.