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Author Jeffrey Ma Discusses the Parallels of Gambling and Business

 - Feb 18, 2012
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Jeff Ma, the author of The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big In Business, discusses the parallels between gambling and business. Ma recalls a number of personal experiences infusing his talk with humor and imagination.

Known as a character in the famed Ben Mezrich's classic 'Bringing Down the House,' the high-winning gambler became a Blackjack master with the use of math and statistics. His life, now depicted in a best-seller and hit film shows how his past influenced his present success.

An owner of three companies, Ma gives mathematical insights to a business audience, urging individuals to get acquainted with numbers for he believes they are the most important factor within any profitable venture.

Whether involved in a high-paying deal or doing personal banking, individuals are often overwhelmed by math and its highly useful benefits. Highlighting these, Ma stresses that success is in the numbers.