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Marc Ferrentino Offers His Tips for Measuring the Success of an Idea

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: youtube
In this insightful discussion with Chief Technology Architect at, Marc Ferrentino, he discusses strategies he uses for evaluating start-up business ideas.

He explains that one should never get to attached to any one single idea and compares ideas to subway trains by saying if you miss one, another is just a few minutes away. He also shows why it's important to compare the risks versus the rewards, and suggests why researching how original your idea really is so important. Marc stresses the importance of going out into the real world and talking with consumers as well to see if there is any demand for the idea and if it will actually sell. In this informative and concise conversation with Marc Ferrentino, he offers viewers important lessons that he's learned from years of experience on how to effectively evaluate an idea's potential.