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Steven S. Little Discusses A Better Plan For Business Growth

 - Feb 16, 2012
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Business development expert Steven S. Little speaks about growth and the future of opportunity. Little encourages positivity in business ventures stating the importance of optimism. Exploring what leads to sustained growth, the speaker suggests a multitude of areas that lead to evolution and innovation.

Recognizing that setbacks will rise when conducting any type of business, the speaker stresses the importance of positive and quick thinking. When one perseveres in stress-filled situations, they fail to become a victim of the negativity often present in high-pressure scenarios.

The speaker recalls a hotel visit where he ordered a milkshake that was not available on the menu. After requesting milk, ice cream and a spoon from room service, Little was given the ingredients needed to make what he had originally failed to obtain.

Using this story as an important example, Steven S. Little urges companies to recognize the importance of quick thinking employes, and of the efficiency of technologies. When one is unable to get what they want upon their first attempt, they must find creative ways to turn this around.