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The importance of customer service in a successful business model is one of the main points targeted...

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James Lloyd's Customer Service Excellence Speech Dismisses Price

 - May 28, 2012
References: jameslloyd & youtu.be
This customer service excellence speech from author James Lloyd offers the ideal combination of insight, humor and entertainment. His speech summarizes a particular customer service experience that forever changed his opinion about one particular retail brand.

While sharing his experience with this brand, which went above and beyond its means to meet his needs as a consumer, he emphasizes the value of a customer service model that operates based on the needs of the consumer as opposed to the business.

Price is often something that a brand will factor into its customer service model or strategy, but Lloyd truly believes that if the customer service is exemplary, the price will no longer matter. Customers will be willing to spend the extra money if the service they are receiving cannot be received elsewhere.